Colors In The Atmosphere

by Escape Velocity

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Mark Lovett
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Mark Lovett Flash of the screen and July 31 are by far the best songs from this EP, I love the sound this band has, very upbeat. However I've found this EP is kinda lacking dynamics, it's all fast, by the time the last song comes on it's about time to listen to something different. Favorite track: July 31.
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Aaron Garcia
Andrew Palmer
Bryce Hartley

Instrumentals Recorded March 11 - 15 with Kevin Gates @ Kevin Gates Productions, Springfield, MO

Vocals Recorded June 15 - 16 with Chris Kalla @ CK Audio Design, Tempe, AZ

Mixed & Mastered by Kevin Gates @ Kevin Gates Productions, Springfield, MO


released August 25, 2013

This is LTMR002 -

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Less Talk, More Records

Based in different parts of the globe Less Talk, More Records is a young record label started in late 2012 by some enthusiast from the Skatepunkers community who wanted to take their love for skatepunk one step further and promote the alive-and-kicking skatepunk scene. ... more

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Track Name: Flash Of The Screen
Flash of the screen helps you numb your brain
But the real world needs you to stand and feel the pain

A solution to made up hate, and real devastation;
Is bigger than your fantasy, but smaller than a nation
Maybe they can’t hear a sound; but the real change
Is always wrought by the boots on the ground
Turn off the Kardashians; your brain needs to heal from the melting

They’re selling us sugar-sweet poison
And you’ll pay well to suck it all down
They’re stocked up with minds to be bought or sold
But it’s free to take a look around

Yeah –
Applaud your new age generation
For blindly picking sides
Hit pause and drop your vote in the box
And greet nothing with surprise

How can reality compete?
The antidote is to simply go outside and feel the breeze
Freedom requires being free
From the comfort of your screen

Track Name: Embers
Well we can see the flames from here.
Her world is burning because he’s turning
Her trust into fear
And her loss is his gain
It’s her job to fight that old temptation
But to never give in will never turn out right
You know these things take time

So don’t be sorry just for a little insecurity
You’re not nothing unless you choose to be

It’s just another fire that you can’t hide away
But I can see the embers deep inside your eyes
Filling up with all the things you want to say;
When will the smoke clear out the lies?

Summer’s pass the brightness gone, again it turns to fall
Her friends have tried to pull her out, but she ignored them all
If love is addictive gambling, there’s no chance for a prize
And the other path is loneliness where good hearts only die


Summer’s pass, the brightness gone, again it turns to fall
Her friends have tried to pull her out; but she ignored them all
(It’s just another fire you can’t hide away)
And I can see the embers deep inside your eyes – deep inside your eyes
(filling up with all the things you want to say)
When will the smoke clear the lies?
Track Name: July 31
Those good old times they feel so far away
Friendship was more constant and so true, at least to me
But the records that you wrote, and I would play
Prepared me for the world I’d grow into

It rang through my ears everyday – the lyrics and the melody
A message that went far beyond a trend
You never thought that you could be a savior but you got to me
Without coming too close you were a friend

I’ve never seen this scene so unified
Than the day that August news spread like a fire
Now every song is more than dumb reminders
Of the way your lyrics knew how to inspire

That day was absolutely gray
The saddest song could not take off the edge
You played the music that you love, and we will follow suit
We grew up with your notes inside our head

(We all) owe a piece of punk rock to you
(and all that we can do is keep it fast)
(all that) we can do is keep it fast
Your melody is part of who we are
A generation has you in their heart

Track Name: By Degrees
The world in front of my eyes
(is a vision I don’t want to keep)
Artificial lights and overcast skies
(it’s a wonder we can fall asleep)

If you turn off all the noise, and just listen for the sound
You might here that silently (3,2,1) we’re counting down

But no ticking time bomb will be found
No big event to rally around
Can we be something more than entropy?
Or are we just content to sit and be cooked by degrees?

The trigger that we need is just for ending
This hypnosis by constant decay
Is war just inevitability?
Or do we still have a role to play?

Track Name: Colors In The Atmosphere
Do you ever get the feeling
To just stand up and run away?
If your feet started moving now
How far could they take you?
Before your lungs ran out of breath –
And the oxygen was the evidence –
That you can’t defy mortality
Or the size of who you are?

Everyone can choose to be a victim in this fight
Or a dark spot on the world, with no creative light
Well all of you can burn out slow
But I would rather try
To make colors in the atmosphere,
Colors in the atmosphere tonight

Are you sick of waking up to see the same thing in a different time
People with a dim look in their eyes
I need someone who sees the opportunity
A world that’s more than matter under gravity


Before we all go blind
I search everywhere
Not knowing if I still have time

It’s getting darker day by day
(better have a plan to navigate)
We can barely see what’s in the way
(moving slower just to compensate)
How much longer can we stay?
(while the world around disentigrates)
The further we can get away
(the more it will illuminate)

Oh I’ll search for your glow in the distance
Rays of a light in the sky
I need a sign the resistance spreads
We can escape, you and I

I will never choose to be a fading light
In a world where we’re losing our sight
We won’t burn out slow if we just try
To make colors in the atmosphere tonight